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So What Is The Deal With The Stairs?

December 20, 2013

Well lemme just tell you…

We originally thought we could just pop the old treads off, add the new risers and the new treads and call it a day but after removing the carpet we realized that the treads were built into the trim. And after some research, we realized that we had to retrofit the new treads. This meant cutting the bull nose off, patching the trim and installing the treads on top of the existing ones.

Like I mentioned here, Bill has been busy removing the carpet


taking off the padding, nail strips and cutting the bull nose off of the treads.


I have been busy removing a gazillion staples.

IMG_2354[1] IMG_2355[1]

Bill has also been actively building the treads.  Which means turning pieces of lumber like these


to pre-treads like these


He has also matched the stain to our existing laminate floors


So here is what we have left

  • Finish building the funky treads where the stairs turn
  • Rout the edges
  • Sand treads
  • Stain & seal treads
  • Cut and paint risers
  • Patch holes on baseboards along the stairs
  • Paint the baseboard along the stairs
  • Install them 🙂
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