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Hardwood Throughout

December 3, 2013

Having hardwood floors throughout the entire house has been on our wishlist since day one and six years later our wish came true.  So this is a major milestone as far as our house is concerned.

We chose laminate floors for the upstairs.  They are a nice rich dark brown “hand-scraped” laminate floors. The color is close enough to what we already have on the main level and we are extremely pleased with them.

It took about 4 days to install the floors. Here is the breakdown,

  • Bedroom – less than a day



  • Landing – One and half days for this tiny little area!



This was definitely the hump of the project.  This area has sooooo many angles and countless door jams.  Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but those suckers added so much time to this project that you’d think there were at least a few thousands.

  • Office – less than a day

The office also had its challenges. See, we had already installed laminate flooring before we installed the bookcases and this meant that before we could install the new floor we had to take the old floor out. It was definitely not an easy task; We had to “lift” the cabinets up just enough to get the weight off the cabinets so that we could slide the old flooring out but thankfully it wasn’t too terrible and we were able to get all off the flooring out without any major damage. I wish I had pictures but I was too busy helping Bill that I completely forgot!

As you can imagine, the other issue was to install the new flooring under the cabinets. Before we begin the installation, we thought that we could just install the floors up to the cabinets and save some flooring so that later on if we needed to remove the cabinets we could “patch” in the floors.

Luckily,  after removing the old floors we had just enough wiggle room to slide the base out to install the new floors.

IMG_0312Notice how we took the base out

Although the cabinets were screwed into the wall, they started to sag due to lack of support so we literally had to grab my car jack and jack the cabinets up so that we could slide the base back underneath the cabinets. It was crazy but it all worked out and the cabinets are safe and sound, phew!


  • Guest Bedroom- less than a day

As I am was typing this, we are were installing the last part of the bedroom, and I innocently typed “this is the easy part since its a rectangular room” so of course I ended up jinxing us!  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. We kept having to re-adjust the floors because they were shifting and we almost ran out of flooring.

…I learned my lesson though!



We could not be more happy with the results. Yes we had to spend our anniversary installing floors which is obviously less than ideal, but the fact of the matter is that we are extremely lucky to be able to this. Not everyone has the ability, or the money, or the time to spend their thanksgiving break embellishing their home so I am extremely grateful for this.

So for now we are just enjoying our floors and recharging for what is next.

To Do List

  • Install the stair treads
  • Paint the raisers
  • Install shoe mold
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