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It Takes Time

July 1, 2013

After five years we are finally getting to a point where we are feeling pretty happy with our home’s curb appeal. In fact, sitting in our front porch or hanging out with neighbors has become one of our favorite things to do.

When we purchased our home five years ago the house had no curb appeal. I almost didn’t add it to my list of houses to see. I don’t know if this photo does any justice but the house needed to be painted. There was some major wood rot and the paint was fading big time on the sides of the house. We weren’t also crazy about the front flower bed. Those gorgeous privacy trees were unfortunately planted in the wrong place.  The shrubs were high maintenance.  They grow taller than 10 feet, do people not pay attention to the tag that comes with the plants?, and had to be cut back each year to keep our front porch from disappearing.


I think it was within the first year after we bought the house that we bit the bullet and hired someone to paint the outside of the house.


( Not the best picture to show the after but that is the only pic I have )

We picked our colors from an inspiration picture we found in a Benjamin Moore store.  We loved the color of the siding and the trim but we were not so crazy about the chocolate-colored front door and shutters but decided to leave it alone until we found something else.

That something else came when I saw a house in my mom’s neighborhood that had a purple front door and purple shutters. It was a pretty shade of purple and it really caught my attention because the idea sounded like such a bold move but somehow it just looked good not bold crazy like you would have imagined. Yet, when I mentioned the idea to anyone, including Bill, they automatically thought of Barney and dismissed my idea and called me crazy. But I believed that as long as I stayed far away from Barney purple and stayed closer to a shade of an eggplant we could pull it off.  Bill eventually got on board and so off I went to the paint store to search for the perfect shade of purple.

I bought two samples from Martha Stewart’s paint line that resembled the shade of purple I was after but once we tried the samples, I am guessing because of the bright outdoor light, none of them looked quite as deep and dark as I had hoped. Nonetheless the samples did not resemble Barney and Bill encouraged me not to back out and to go with my gut feeling.  After all if we didn’t like it, we could just paint it back. So with much needed support, I chose Griddle by Martha Stewart and I am so happy I did because I just love the end results! (Thank you Honey!) Funny enough, no one ever notices that the front door is painted purple.

The results encouraged us to finally tackle the front bed. We pulled out the old overgrown shrubs and replaced them with dwarf shrubs and a gorgeous dwarf butterfly bush. The privacy trees were taken out the first year we bought the house and the tree came down that same year due to a storm.

So that is the story of how our house went from this

Pic 040

to this,


Can you spot the yellow Dahlias?. Here is a close up of the front porch



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