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Three Years Later…

June 24, 2013

Remember back in April 2010 when we started our garden?  I can’t believe that was 3 years ago,  crazy! We have been good about planting a garden every year and have learned so much each time. I have even started some plants from seed. It is so rewarding to nurture and see a little tiny seed grow to a seedling to a full-grown plant that is taller than me.  The garden has been far from a full success though, we have had some failures too, but we hear it’s part of the experience.

This year I was very busy with work so we kept it to the basics; tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. I did manage to start some seeds but Bill thought it would be a good idea to buy some  plants to get a head start.

We bought a roma tomato and a slicing tomato plant. The roma has quite a lot of fruit and it is starting to turn red, hopefully we can harvest a few within the next couple of weeks???



Oh, and we also bought two pepper plants, a jalapeno and a poblano. We’ve actually have harvested a handful of jalapenos and I’m excited because it looks like this year we will actually have some home-grown poblano peppers. The first time we planted a poblano pepper, it suffered from blossom-end rot, which meant no peppers for me so it will be a nice victory to be able to roast those suckers and enjoy them with some steak tacos.



The highlight of the garden this year to me is the carrots though, I bought a pack of seeds and sowed two one-and-half foot rows.  I believe the carrots will also be ready soon. Can’t wait!


As far as the other plants that I started from seed? They are coming along slowly, frankly between cold weather snaps and our busy weekend schedule, they didn’t get planted as soon as they were ready so they are behind but they are coming along. I will post some pictures sometime this week.


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