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Office – Window Panels

September 16, 2010

The walls and trim have been painted!!!  The black walls look awesome. The room looks very chic and not gothic or dark at all. All I have left to do is to cut in, which I am so over at this point.  Bill usually and successfully paints the top of the trim free hand but because of the contrast between black and white you can see every imperfection so I decided to give Frog Tape a try because according to the Youngsters it works wonderfully! See this post.  I also need to paint the tiny closet that is in the room, which means i have to get more black paint 😦 boo I was hoping a whole gallon would be enough to paint the office since I was only painting three walls. Anywho, my goal is to finish painting tomorrow because the built ins are coming in next week!!!

My next project is to sew the window panels.  I bought the fabric this past weekend, check it out!

I have to admit I am a bit nervous.  I’ve never sewn and this project is not going to be  simple. I have to sew two sections to make one panel which means aligning the patterns 😀 woo hoo. I also bought some of these black grommets to give the window panels more of a custom and professional look.  So what do you think?!

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