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Garage – Organization

April 29, 2010


We don’t have a very large garage (or house for that matter). So the space in the garage is used for multiple purposes. Such as, car storage, garden/lawn equipment storage, DYI tools storage and also a space for Bill to use when doing projects around the house.  More often than not, the garage would be a mess which would barely allow me to fit my car (Bill would have to park his truck outside), and it was very hard for Bill to get anything done. Lots of his tools/supplies would come up missing and he would have to jump through hoops to get things done.

Organization was very important because we have a lot of stuff handy tools (clearing my throat, j/k, he has used every single thing in our garage) and I wanted Bill to be able to access everything with ease so that everything could be put back with ease. 🙂 In other words I wanted things to be accessible so that the garage could remain an organized space.  I am a strong believer that in order to keep a space organized things need to be easily accessible. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter if you know where things are, because if it is hard to get to, they will never find their way back.

How we organized our space

We grouped small items into bins.  Prior to this we had a big long shelf with everything on it, spray paint, paint rollers, paint buckets, you name it! So I wanted to group things together so that it could be better organized.

Then we placed all grouped items together into a bins so that they could be easily accessible.

This is how we organized our large items.

At one point of the organization extravaganza we almost lost hope because we were left with a ton of extra-large items that we didn’t know what to do with…we did not realize how much stuff we had. But after the panic we gave it some thought and ended up building some very short yet deep shelves for those extra-large items. Like, the shop vac and the saw.

We also purchased the Rubbermaid Fast Track System. This is specially good for us because Bill is constantly adding tools to his collection and so the system allows you to easily adjust the hooks. No need to redrill holes, all you have to do is slide the hook over to add or remove an additional hook.

Bill also needed some countertop space so he built this awesome cabinet in which he store some of his small tools. Like drill, duct tape, and measuring tape.  If you are interested in purchasing a cabinet like this one, please email Bill at


We also decided to hang a couple of pegboards for stuff that he uses often. Like his hammer, screwdrivers and measuring tape (he has a grand total of four 🙂 )

On the left wall, we placed our metal cabinet in which we store our garden supplies and next to it we added some permanent (as in not Rubbermaid Fast Track hooks) for Bill’s bike, the ladder and his saw horses.

and that my friends is how we organized, in a very accessible manner, our garage. I know this was a very long post but I am telling you we had a lot of stuff.  Stay tuned to see how we apply the epoxy finish on the garage floors.


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