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Earth Day 2010

April 23, 2010

It would have been ideal to publish my Garden entry on Earth Day but I forgot that Earth Day was this Thursday. So instead I wanted to share the small things that I do on an everyday basis to help the mother. The Mother Earth that is.

1.  Hang dry most of my clothes.  I really dislike drying my clothes in the dryer. The heat takes precious life from your clothing.  It discolors and shrinks my clothes.  So I try to only use the dryer for big items like towels, bed sheets and comforters.

2. We have dark brown floors and it has become somewhat of a nightmare to keep them clean until we discovered the Swiffer.  It does a great job and it is super easy because once you are done all you have to  is throw it away.  However,  they can be expensive and since we have to use about 7 dry and wet Swiffer thingies per cleaning and this can’t be good for the environment.  So we have switched to washable Swiffer looking thing. We still keep a few Swiffers on hand just in case the washable swiffer looking things aren’t washed.

3.  Growing a garden. To read all about it click here

4.  Shop at Yard Sales, Thrift stores and antique shops.  Reduce, reuse and recycle.

5. Use reusable grocery bags. There are times where you just can help it, like if you go to Best Buy, but if I happened to buy something small I just won’t get a bag.

6. Use Costco’s environmentally friendly dish soap and detergent.

7. All of our appliances are energy star rated.

8.  Just recently, I had my air ducts clean.  They were filthy and really slowed the blower/heater unit. 

9.  I support my local farmers.  I can’t wait until May to start going to the outdoor farmer’s market!

That is all I can think of for now.  🙂 What do you guys do that is environmentally friendly?  Are there any simple tips that people may not think of?


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